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Happy 100 to a fellow “inner-French” girl who loved to eat well! An inspiration to foodies everywhere. 


Happy 100 to a fellow “inner-French” girl who loved to eat well! An inspiration to foodies everywhere. 

Uneeda Burger

Like the very intelligent person I am, I decided that today would be a great day to break in my Rainbows. Smart move, huh? So after walking what seemed to be 50 miles up Fremont Ave towards 45th with cuts all over my feet from those stupid leather straps, I finally made it to Uneeda Burger (Quinn’s and Zoë) disheveled and bruised. I chalked it up to a YOLO moment, hobbled myself to a seat, and ordered the biggest burger available. Treat yourself, remember? I ordered the Monsieur, a hamburger with Black Forest ham, Gruyère, Dijon-mayo and truffled shoestring potatoes. One of the top 5 best burgers I’ve had in Seattle. Totally made the walk back bearable, well almost. 

4302 Fremont Ave. N. || Seattle, WA 98103 || 206.547.2600

Quinn’s Pub

My parents came up to Seattle for the day and like any broke college student, I used this as an opportunity to try one of the places I’ve been eyeing for a while. Quinn’s Pub, owned by Scott and Heather Staples (owners of Zoë and Uneeda Burger), is a laid back, self-described “gastro pub” with delicious comfort food and a wide selection of beers, whiskeys, and bourbon. The most important decision of my day was deciding between their sloppy joe and their fish and chips. In the end I decided on the fish and chips, and gosh was it worth it. So stinking good. Hopefully my parents enjoyed it as well, because y’all know they picked up the check. 

1001 East Pike Street || Seattle, WA 98122 || 206.325.7711

Honoré Artisan Bakery

A while back I received some massage therapy from a woman named Isabelle. She’s lovely and of course, she’s French. During our appointments we would talk about where to find the best French pastries, and naturally I would take her advice. She told me that I must try Three Girls Bakery and Honoré Artisan Bakery. So finally, I tried Honoré and she was right, it is “fantastique.” The bakery is very small, but if you walk to the end of the hallway there is a gorgeous outdoor patio where you can sip a cappuccino and enjoy a delicious croissant. We went there a little late in the day so options were a bit limited, but amazing nonetheless. I had a lavender chocolate macaroon ”swoon”. Loved this place. If you are ever in Ballard, make this your stop.

1413 NW 70th Street || Seattle, WA 98117 || 206-706-4035

Top Pot Doughnuts

I didn’t really do anything special to warrant a “treat yourself” kind of day, but I decided to use this line anyway because let’s face it, any day warrants a delicious doughnut. Top Pot has some of the best and although my heart desired a feather boa (cake doughnut with pink icing and coconut), I chose a strawberry glazed instead. It was delicious next to a wonderful cup of jo and a good read. 

Disclaimer: I tried to get some more pictures of the interior but the doughnut server was giving me looks like I was a stalker. In the end,  I decided that I would just stop taking pictures and just eat my doughnut. But rest assured guys, this place is charming. 

325 West Galer || Seattle, WA 98119 || 206.631.2120

Muse Coffee Co.

A couple blocks down from my house is this cute little café. I walk by it everyday and today, I finally had a chance to step in. I ordered an americano, made with Herkimer coffee, sat down and enjoyed the quietness. This place is perfect for an afternoon of reading or pondering. The paper chandlier adorned with quotes and random thoughts, the vintage blue chairs and sofa, and the beautiful art that hangs on the walls, create a very peaceful setting in which to drink your morning coffee. 

1907 10th Ave. W || Seattle, WA 98119 || 206.282.2711

The Fat Hen

When most people think of Ballard they think up the bustling Ballard Ave and Market Street as the hub of all Ballard life, but up on 70th you will come across the original Ballard. It’s the area where your parents and grandparents grew up and it’s just as precious today than it was then. The small brick houses, small neighborhoods, and small eateries make this area wonderful. Encompassing this feeling, is The Fat Hen. The white washed walls, bright red accents, and the delicious menu made for a wonderful brunch.  Since I’ve been dying to try baked eggs, I got the baked eggs in a red tomato sauce with fresh mozzarella and basil. To die for delicious.

1418 NW 70th St || Seattle, WA 98117 || 206.782.5422

Bastille Café + Bar

     I studied in Paris for four months and in some ways, this restaurant brings me back to that wonderful time. The white tiled walls, the Paris metro clock, and the freshly cut baguettes are just little reminders of why I fell in love with Paris, and why I find this place to be one of Ballard’s greatest gems. 

     All dishes are prepared with fresh and local ingredients from local farmers and produce from their rooftop garden. The croque madame is to die for and their carrot salad and fromage Boucherondin made with oil cured olives, golden raisins,  and Moroccan spice vinaigrette is perhaps the best salad I’ve ever had. 

     Never been so blessed by a night of laughter, grace, and friendship all served around plates of delicious French cuisine. 

5307 Ballard Avenue NW || Seattle, WA || 206-453-5013


Went to my favorite place in Capitol Hill today. I don’t know what it is, the décor, the food, or the fact that I have had some really good memories here, but I just love this place. Antlers on the walls, vintage frames, rustic booths and community tables, it’s just so great. And the food is d e l i c i o u s. Sweet potato fries and macaroni and cheese with fontina, gouda, and white cheddar? Yes, please. And don’t even get me started on the chocolate fudge brownie with salted caramel ice cream. I can’t say enough about this place.

Take your friends here. They’ll love it.

332 15th Avenue East || Seattle, WA || 206-709-190

Victrola Coffee Roasters

Coffee and rain are often synonymous with Seattle. Carrying an umbrella is a sin, you may go to Starbucks but you would proclaim hatred for it in any conversation, and if you don’t spend your days reading The Stranger and drinking cappuccino after cappuccino in a well-lit café, well you just aren’t a true Seattleite. I may be over-dramatizing, but in essence it’s completely true. Coincidentally, my life the other day spoke great lengths about my “Seattleness” as I did what any Seattleite would do. I ran out of the rain and into Victrola, one of my favorite cafés in Capitol Hill. The space is open, the tables are big enough for an afternoon study sesh, beautiful displays of local art hang on the walls, and the coffee is just damn good. I love it and truthfully, there is no place I’d rather be on a rainy day.

411 15th Avenue East || Seattle, WA || 205-325-6520

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